Our cosmos

After my remarks on the previous pages, which have been crystallized rather well over the past years, we now enter on the pages under this button the the great mystery in our cosmos, that of space and time together with eternality.

Trying to understand the least of it with our limited dimensions . . . . that is a big challenge. That is too what the wood-cut on the Homepage wants to express.

There are though big expectations expressed with Quantum physics and the string theory, the modern theoretical physics and the endeavors to penetrate more and more in the world of the very small, gravity, black holes, dark matter, etc. There are, however, also opinions that the modern physics are a colossus built on shaky foundations, since they are mainly founded on theoretical mathematical assumptions, which some critics sometimes also label as “phantasies”.

To what extent are we able to conceive anything at all of the metaphysical world next to our physical world of matter in time and space?

We already end up in that sort of mysteries when we speak about non-local consciousness, the hypothesis that Pim van Lommel proposes in his book ‘Consciousness beyond Life’ on the permanent consciousness of everything that has happened and still is happening, is thought and experienced and where time doesn’t exist. That makes us also think of the so-called ‘Akasha chronicles’ to which Edgar Cayce and other people with paranormal capabilities would have access.

Although I also meet people, who say that such insight in the physical aspects of the cosmos don’t bring you any step further in the metaphysical world I elaborate on the sub-pages under this menu button on these subjects, but it will remain very “unfinished”, because the views in this respect – and surely mine – are still in full development (with even the question whether it ever will be possible to bridge these two worlds).

For the time being I place under this button some documents, which each elaborate on this from completely different viewpoints, namely:

  • firstly the article “Dimension shift – what happens when losing your link with the four-dimensional world”, because that article by Jim van der Heijden from the jubilee issue of Terugkeer at the 25-years jubilee of Merkawah presents a good approximation of how the “experiencing soul” may consider the four-dimensional reality (three-dimensional space and time as fourth dimension) as seen from a higher dimension. That’s why I integrally included that article here.
  • in the Dutch version of this website I also included the translated text of “Chapter 6 – A Small Kosmology/ Eine Kleine Kosmologie” from A Wanderer’s Handbook” by Carla Rueckert from 2001. But since the complete English version of that book is also available here, and that chapter can thus directly be read there, I didn’t do that on this English version of the website. I hesitated though whether I should include that text, because it may look somewhat woolly for people who don’t know its background and may not really be interested in that. Moreover, because it is rather difficult readable due to the sometimes rather artificial language of the sources Ra and Q’uo in the sessions of Don Elkins as questioners, Carla Rueckert as medium and Jim MacCarty. In that chapter she tries to elaborate on the evolution of our soul (our higher self) in a coherent, walking text during the transition from 3rd to 4th density. She refers there also to the ideas of Larson.
  • and then an overview article ‘The Origins of Space and Time’ from the renowned magazine ‘Nature’ from 2013 on the different tracks along which the modern physics try to deepen its insight in the cosmos with also an example of a recent development in the form of a completely new gravity theory of Erik Verlinde. And in addition to that information on the headstrong ideas in his ‘Reciprocal System of Physical Theory’, which Dewey B. Larson developed in the past century and of which hardly traces can be found back in the current scientific views.
  • and after that, I added the page on a new paradigm on a conscious universe based on the experiences of Alan Ross Hugenot after his own Near-Death-Experience and subsequent extensive research over the past years. In those activities he is, with a background as engineer, familiar with physics, and after his NDE also with paranormal capacities, in search for a scientific explanation for the infinite and eternal non-local consciousness he experienced himself, and which is primary to the consciousness through the human brain. This contrary to the generally accepted materialistic orientation of physics, based upon outdated Newtonian views, which are not able to provide such explanation.
  • finally, I still added a page on my changed view on death in comparison with the somewhat peculiar statements of the churches on that, of which you hardly can imagine a picture for yourself. After discarding your physical body when passing away we actually continue to live on in a new phase of life in the afterlife, where your soul further develops itself – maybe with new incarnations on earth – in various spheres towards the Light until it eventually unites with the Super Consciousness.

In fact it deals in the sub-menu’s under this menu button on our vision on the cosmos, on how we see ourselves in our cosmos. Are you doing that from a materialist world view, within which everything eventually is reduced to the temporary physical existence in space and time or is your frame of thinking the dualism of Plato, Descartes and Spinoza distinguishing between a physical and a spiritual world, a physical next to a metaphysical reality. Or – in terms of the Law of One – do you see yourself as a ‘Mind-Body complex’ or as a ‘Mind-Body-Spirit complex’.

I can not else than experience in a dualist way, in which our temporary incarnations in the temporary physical vehicle are part of this universe in a “physical metabolism”, in which we also eternally exist with our soul, our Higher Self in a metaphysical reality. We evolve in this respect in sort of a “spiritual metabolism” with all our gained experiences and insights towards the eventual unification of our consciousness with our Primal Source. We are ‘Mind-Body-Spirit complexes’ in that view, which live both in the physical and the metaphysical reality as well.

The increasingly further supporting scientific insights of the past years concerning reincarnation – and more recently also of Near-Death-Experiences and communication with deceased persons via mediums – eventually gave me the conviction, that the denial of that metaphysical reality, and pursuing to explain everything materialistically is a forced, artificial opinion, or living with closed eyes.