This website

Let me first of all compensate an inadequacy and introduce myself as Henk van den Beukel, in my mid-seventies from Vught in the Netherlands, since I realised myself only later on that I – although speaking on this website in an open way about my views – still nowhere had mentioned my name. The idea to somehow write down the developments in my philosophy of life plays already for quite some years in the back of my mind. Also for that long, since that development of my ideas and experiences itself also covers years (which still ever continues by the way ).

To what extent crystallized?
So initially I had for instance the idea to start the site all at once with a more or less completed story. Looking back, however, such approach is hardly possible, not only because that isn’t a story to be formulated once and for all, but also because the horizon keeps drifting on. While working on this I continually encounter new material that I also still want to read, understand, and know. And that doesn’t only concern the extensive material on the ‘Law of One’ and the gnosis, that I still haven’t digested by far, but also the material on reincarnation and near-death experiences, and definitely also a better understanding of our cosmos, the simultaneous existence of space/time and time/space next to the timeless eternity, non-local consciousness and the still developing new views of modern physics. As regards the latter I also do want to understand still more of the ideas of Dewey B. Larson, of whom you hardly find back any traces in the current scientific views. In that respect the book of Alan Hugenot contributed a lot to my insight in bridging the gap between physics and metaphysics in the modern Quantum Electro-Dynamics.

Anyway however, I feel my life has now already been very much enriched by more insight (which increasingly has become supported by scientific research of undeniable facts) that our existence, our consciousness is larger than our earthly existence (notwithstanding the fact that the materialistically biased usually accepted science still never doen’t believe so and insists that after our last breath everything is finished), that we are all connected with a larger, all-embracing consciousness and with one another. The insights from that growing volume of empirical data are in line with the crucial messages of the Law of One of ‘Service to others’ instead of ‘Service to Self’ and the becoming aware that that we are all One just like the main Love command speaks in other words of being in the first place aware of our relation to God and in addition to that to our ‘neighbours’.
Looking back that journey went summarized in some very large leaps especially via Edgar Cayce, Ian Stevenson, Titus Rivas, Pim van Lommel and Alan Hugenot.
For a fascinating overview of scientific developments in the past 50 years I furthermore refer to the conference of the Research Unit of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences within the University of Virginia (UvA DOPS) in april 2018 on the occasion of their 50-years existence. The panel consisted of Jim Tucker, Bruce Greyson, Edward Kelly, Emily Williams Kelly and Kim Pemberthy, and was moderated by John Cleese.

In the past years I tried to formulate my developing ideas several more times on paper (see under Literature), partly because that forces you to clarify your thoughts, but sometimes too in order to be able to share them with others. But since I became also more familiar during the past years with designing websites I think that is also an excellent medium to share this kind of material with others.

Other sites at the internet of this type show that I am not the only one. A very good one in my opinion with an overview of the big picture, which apparently resulted from a similar motive as mine, is the website of Jan Wilssens with in addition also a youtube video (both in Dutch).

The set-up of the site
I am still considering on which way visitors should be able to communicate on this. Because the very personal nature of that might form a threshold, I don’t have public discussions in mind or some form of a guest book on a separate page, but I do certainly appreciate personal reactions. That is anyway possible via direct individual mail contact with me. For the time being I will in addition to that also use a mailinglist you may subscribe to in order to receive once in a while information concerning developments concerning this website. Also depending on the experiences with this site that might still get later on a more appropriate form.

Meanwhile I decided to make also an English version of this Dutch site (which already contains quite some English content) in order to facilitate also the exchange of ideas with English speaking visitors. Unfortunately this means, however, that many Dutch documents, to which is referred, will still remain inaccessible due to the Dutch language.

Why are you doing this?
Because I myself am also interested in the opinions and experiences of other people during their journey, and I can imagine, that others might also appreciate the information on this website concerning my journey. That is why I would appreciate comments or other reactions of others too.

Let it be very clear that I don’t want to impose my views on anybody. Everybody is free having its own views as long as he or she refrains from imposing these on others and respects other ones opinions. People who don’t come any further in their denial than “that they can’t believe this”, “that it is impossible”, “that it are hallucinations”, “that it is based on wrong starting points”, “that it is unscientific”, “calling it laughable or declaring people being nuts or even worse” better solve their problems by themselves when they don’t want to look seriously to really existing phenomena, experiences of integer persons, and scientific research results. As long as they don’t come with serious arguments or explain why it is wrong they make me think of ostriches putting their head in the sand. Not wanting to see doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist (even though it may not exist then for them). There are too many people having dealt with reincarnation or NDE and who dare not or can not express that on penalty of being called nuts to deprive them of these insights.

Reactions from environment
Where these are very personal views, it is very well possible that people in my nearer environment will be surprised by this. Let it be very clear, that I don’t decline or consider anybody’s world view inferior. Everybody who is serious on this is searching his or her own way from its own background, education, and its own world view. That counts for the religious belief of my parents and the previous generations in my family, and also in my own family in which I grew up when I see the differences between the three of us, while it also concerns the Protestantse Kerk Nederland, of which I am still ever a member due to my previous Dutch Reformed Church membership, though not actively particpating anymore.