It is interesting to examine to what extent the experiences of people who had a Near-Death experience are compliant with the opinions in the large world religions:

  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Judaism
  • Christianity
  • Islam

Bob Coppes made an impressive study of that in his book “Bijna Dood Ervaringen en de zoektocht naar het Licht” (Near Death Experiences and the search for the Light). In that he presents an extensive overview of the history and the views of those religions.

At the end he presents some summarizing tables upon which I gratefully draw with some minor adjustments.

The first table compares the key elements from the experiences of people who had a Near Death Experience with these five large world religions.

Table 1 – Comparison of the most important elements from NDE’s with the 5 world religions

In addition to that gives Table 2 a comparison of the key issues in the 5 world religions.

Table 2 – Comparison of key issues from the 5 world religions

The future of churches

His study doesn’t only show how these views are not only culture related, but also how they developed over time.

In fact the development in my own philosophy of life sketched on this website reflects the same and my relation to the institutionalized church of my background has become more relative. That doesn’t mean that I consider the views of for instance my parents and ancestors as wrong, but see those rather against the background of their culture and within their image of their time.

I wonder to what extent these new views will contribute to the spiritual journey of many people, who distanced themselves from their original religious structures, but yet do have spiritual views in the present, modern world with new insights, which moreover, can more easily be shared due to the modern means of communication.