Reincarnation / NDE

The described views on Reincarnation and Near-Death-Experiences (NDE) are important parts in the development of my philosophy of life during my life.

When looking back from the present a clear trace becomes visible during that journey, which is marked by learning to know the experiences and insights of persons like Edgar Cayce, Ian Stevenson (and his successors at the University of Virginia), Titus Rivas, Pim van Lommel, Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert and also Wynn Free.

Those ideas developed gradually, at first from a “surprised learning to know” and then further with new information and views, which further completed the picture in a logical manner and deepened it. From my initial “could that really be possible” attitude via ever more convincing experiences of these and also other persons and serious research results ultimately my conviction developed, that our life is an incarnation here on this earth, which is part of a long series of many incarnations in the evolution of our soul, our Higher Self on its way to the unification with God, our primordial Source.

During this development I started to realize myself , that my “I” as a person in this physical body has a relative meaning and is not an unequivocally certain being. My person as an identity in this physical body consists of the accumulated experiences during my current life here on this earth, which continues to develop itself when growing older by absorbing impressions and leaving impressions behind in all roles and circumstances during my life; as a teenager, at school, as a student, as husband, as a father, as a colleage, as religious person, as a church member, or in short, in the many, many situations in which my life develops itself. My personality as identity is not only the way I experience that myself, but also the way my environment experiences this. My personality, my identity in my twenties was another one than my conscious being in my seventies.

And in addition to that my acquired insight, that my identity does not only consist of the temporary personality being built during this physical life between being born and passing away, but that it is embedded in my eternal soul, my deepest existence, my Higher Self.

Actually, I have never believed in the materialist views of a onetime temporary existence, which commences out of nothing during the fertilization of the egg cell and again disappears when passing away and when its material remainders are being absorbed again in the physical metabolistic cycle. These views gave the Biblical terms “eternal life” and a “resurrection at the end of times”, which I learned in my youth, another setting and made them more concrete in a way that I am able to understand more logical. My views in this respect became more nuanced, because the insights concerning reincarnation and near-death-experiences are more plausible in my views on my eternal soul. Also the concept of karma has given a more rational explanation to the views on “sin” and “forgiving” as previously learned.

So, the message of Bob Coppes in his presentation ‘Please, don’t turn near-death experiences into a new religion’ at the IANDS *) conference on December 2nd, 2016, in which he shows, that the key message of unconditional love and interconnectedness from the findings on reincarnation and Near-Death-experiences returns in all large religions, appeals very much to me. He did emphasize not to translate this towards a denouncement of existing religions, but rather to see it in terms of spiritual development instead of considering these insights as a new religion.

Much convincing data resulting from serious research on reincarnation and near-death-experiences has become known especially in the past decades (see for instance the page ‘Evidence’).

*) International Association for Near Death Studies