Observing, Consciousness, and Wavelengths

By now I increasingly start to become aware of a connection among various apparently independent phenomena due to a common thread of consciousness, access to non-local information and observation. When making an inventory of this I realize that in the rather recent past my interest for this has grown and that a number of different subjects have entered – and still repeatedly do so – into my perception.

That interest is first of all based on the assumption, that our consciousness is not located in our brain, since in that case our existence would indeed stop after the death of our brain like many people think, while ever more indications and proof evolve, that our spirit, our soul, our Higher Self always does exist as our non-local consciousness, and that it is rather an anomaly how that is related to our daily sensory consciousness through the brain.

That is largely elaborated in Chapter 8 The Science of Communication with Deceased of the book “The New Science of Consciousness Survival and the Metaparadigm Shift to a Conscious Universe” of Dr Alan Hugenot. In the first half he presents a number of cases including the explanation of Dr. Hossack of more than a century ago from the sessions of the New York lawyer Dr. Randall with the medium Emily French. In the sections of the second half Alan Hugenot elaborates on his own mediumship after his NDE and the investigations of Sir Oliver Lodge of the British Society for Psychical Research (SPR) of more than a century ago, the research in this century by the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) founded by Edgar Mitchell (see 2), and the LACH at the University of Arizona of Dr Gary Schwartz (see 6).

Various situations
When I enumerate such situations, which are all connected with the phenomena of observation, consciousness, and the current view at the role of electromagnetic waves, I am easily able to sum up quite a number:

1. Edgar Cayce had access to non-local information in the so called Akashic records
2. Explanation by Edgar Mitchell in his scientific paper on the pcar condition enabling to receive and recover non-local information (He postulates that a Quantum Hologram condition is the source of those intuitive observations by which the receptor is at that moment in phase-conjugate-adaptive-resonance (pcar) with the entity or the object connected with the Quantum Hologram.)
3. Communicating with deceased persons via a medium (e.g. Eric Medhus and ‘The French Revelation’ via Emily French)
4. Hypnotherapy and Life Between Lives contact (e.g. Michael Newton)
5. Emergence of clear consciousness at dying persons with dementia
6. SoulPhone project of Dr Gary Schwarz
7. Remote Viewing (Stephan Schwartz)
8. Seeing of ghosts and aura’s (see the experience of Richard Martini)
9. Swedenborg’s experiences as described in ‘Heaven and en Hell’

1. Edgar Cayce had during his readings access to Akashic records
He was a psychic and paranormal medium from Virginia Beach, living from 1877 to 1945 who presented himself as a ‘psychic diagnostician’. During his sessions (‘readings’) he went in a trance, after which he got access to the so called Akashic records with information about the life of the persons concerned, which enabled him to answer questions from third persons about their health. But to his great surprise – he was a devout orthodox Christian – those answers made connections with causes in previous lives in Atlantis, Egypt, Palestine in the time of Jesus, the Essenes, the Roman Empire, South America, etc. Zijn ‘readings activities’ soon developed towards a much wider field with explaining dreams, predicting the future and business advice.
Recently, I came across a later explanation by his son Hugh Lynn Cayce, who had extensively studied those communications of his father and questions about their validity in “Communication with Edgar Cayce fact of fiction?” , in which he mentioned two diametrically contradicting examples. He explained, that he then traveled via a beam of white light through various consciousness levels and finally arrived at a library, where the lifes of everybody in all times are registered.
He explained that as follows: “…Each and every soul entity, or earthly entity, passing through the earth’s plane, radiates in that plane those conditions that are radiated from the soul or spiritual entity in the individual. This then becomes the fact, the real fact, in the material world. …”
When the body Edgar Cayce was in the psychic or subconscious condition, he was able then to reach all the subconscious minds, when directed to such subconscious minds by suggestion, whether in the material world or in the spiritual world, provided the spiritual entity had not passed entirely into [another level]..
“…Then we only reach those radiations left in earth’s plane that are taken again when entering in earth’s plane, whether [the] entity is conscious of same or not. The consciousness of reaching that condition wherein the physical body may take up that truth known, must be reached by all…”

“…Conditions, thoughts, activities of men in every clime are things; as thoughts are things. They make their impressions upon the skein of time and space. Thus, as they make for their activity, they become as records that may be read by those in accord or attuned to such a condition. (Reading 3976-16)

Apparently, we are not able yet to measure thought energy as accurately as we may be able to do in the near future. It would seem that thoughts, especially heated, highly emotionally charged thought patterns, actually shape a finer kind of matter which is moving so fast that our senses are not able to perceive it. Sense perception is possible by an individual who has altered his state of consciousness and can thus tune to these higher vibrations.

This very much resembles the descriptions of non-local information by others.

In addition to this story I also add here the interview of Stephan Schwartz with Bagni di Lucca on our shifting paradigm on how we look at the world around us and which crucial impact Edgar Cayce’s readings had as from his 23rd year of age. His story is also important for the other subjects mentioned on this page, and in particular the next one on the Quantum Hologram and nr 7 on Remote Viewing.

2. Explanation by Edgar Mitchell of the Quantum Hologram
During his stay in space Edgar Mitchell, one of the first astronauts who set foot on the moon, had a dramatic emotional experience, which had a strong impact on his further life as director of IONS. When he saw the earth and the stars in space he felt all of a sudden in his whole body the enormous cosmic consciousness, that all continuously renewing molecules of his body were the same as those of the stars and planets of which also the earth and the people came into existence in that physical recycling, or in other words, that we are not independent beings on ourselves, but are one with and part of the larger whole of the universe together with each other and with our earth.

In his scientific paper “Nature’s Mind: the Quantum Hologram”, that he later on prepared about this he explained the pcar condition for being able toe receive and recover of non-local information (I postulate that a Quantum Hologram is the source of this intuitive perception and that the percipient is at that time in phase-conjugate-adaptive-resonance (pcar) with the entity or object associated with the Quantum Hologram).

These are the same radiations, which every individual or object on this 3-dimensional earth emits and which are recorded. That absorbed non-local information can be recovered from a Quantum Hologram and be made re-accessible for an observer, who resonates with that same dimension/wavelength concerned (the pcar condition). Becaue I consider this subject rather difficult to understand, I enclose here also a to a video, in which he extensively explains the Quantum Hologram in his own words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=63&v=EQuFtyruewo and starts his story with his special experience in space.

3. Communicating with deceased persons via a medium
Everybody knows examples of having contact with deceased persons via a medium. Such sessions always concern a triangle contact between the 3 involved parties: the sender (the deceased person(s) with whom contact is sought), the medium (whom may have contact through the required sensitivity/wavelength with the spirit or deceased person concerned) and the receiver (also known as the ‘sitter’). As proof that it concerns real information transfer via paranormal contact it may be verified whether is concerns information that is only known with the sender and the receiver and which is transferred in a telepathic way between receiver and medium.
There are several ways in which information is transferred:
– The medium may receive the information telepathically and interprets that information in its own words, as the paranormal medium understands it.
– With ‘direct voice’ the sender takes over the speech capabilities of the medium and speaks with an own voice and speech, like for instance with Carla Rueckert in the communication between Don Elkins and Jim McCarty with Ra at The Law of One in the Ra Material and at the sessions with Emily French, or
– With ‘automatic writing’ the medium writes the information received in trance in a continuous manner of writing.

I mention here two examples:

Edward C. Randall and Emily S. French – In this example I refer to the book “The French Revelation” of N. Riley Heagarty. That includes is a compilation of the findings one age ago of Edward C. Randall, a well-known lawyer from New York, after fifteen years of research on communication with deceased persons in cooperation with a medium, Emily S. French. Initially, he didn’t believe himself that this could be true. In their numerous evening sessions in the dark they applied the so-called phenomenon of ‘direct voice’. In that after some time the voices of deceased entities came through from the other side via the medium Emily French, while Edward Randall asked the questions and recorded the communications.
Among the spirits from the other side for instance the 71 years earlier deceased Dr. David C. Hossack and Michael Faraday were important sources. Dr Hossack stated as a scientist, that they just continued to live over there in an etheric body – though without a physical body – and further developed all their insights, which they already had on earth. They stated for instance, that the whole universe consists of matter, though to a large extent with a much higher vibration (dark matter, dark energy, ether) than what we only partially perceive at the earth of the total range of the spectrum with our limited 3D senses.

Next to our physical bodies we have also here an etheric body at our disposal with the same characteristics as our physical body. We are not able, however, to perceive that ethereal body (although some are able to perceive aura’s) and when we die we discard the physical body.

Randall had to spend a large part of the time during their sessions on convincing spirits that they had passed away, because they didn’t realize that themselves or pertinently didn’t want to believe, since they were still ever conscious of themself with all their feelings and memories and didn’t realize that they had no physical body anymore; but also due to their quite different religious expectations or had been convinced that there would be nothing more after their death and they still ever turned out to be there.

Elisa Medhus en Erik Medhus – In the other example I refer to Erik Medhus who committed suicide in 2009 at his 20th and to the physician Elisa Medhus, with the website ChannelingErik.com with her blogs of these communications with her son via some mediums like Jamie Butler and Kim O’Neill. That developed towards a site with a community of many followers. She started this website from the dealing with her grief after the loss of her son. Shortly after his suicide he reached out in contacts with his mother, the other family members, family and friends in different ways, in relation to his improving capability to control his energy in searching contact with the earth plane.
Elisa’s impressive book “My Son and the Afterlife, Conversations from the Other Side” provides a touching account of his experiences over there and his growing knowledge, with which he explains – often with humor – in a for us conceivable way. She emphasizes her initial disbelief due to her scientific attitude as physician and her background of atheist parents. It gives a strong contrast with the other books with experiences of one century ago, in which the warm relationship of Erik and his “Mom” with present-day language of an American boy of twenty is quite different from the conversations between Raymond Lodge and his parents. Both Erik and Raymond and their parents as well are very ambitious to inform us here on earth on their experiences.

4. Hypnotherapy and Life Between Lives contact
Important founder and promoter of this hypnotherapy method was Dr. Michael Newton (1931-2016). As a hypnotherapist he already used the healing function in trauma treatment by bringing patients back under hypnosis to a previous period in their life, with the cause of the trauma in order to connect thoughts and emotions with each other by together clarifying the meaning, the function and impact of their memories and ideas. Although he always was convinced, that a mental problem never is imagination, he was initially not a proponent at all of going back to previous lives, not even when clients asked for it.
At a certain moment, however, he found himself in a treatment to control heavy pain back in a previous life, in which his client was killed by a bayonet in World War I in France.
But the decisive insight in his way of thinking came, however, only when he started to realize, “that our deeply rooted memories contain a range of experiences that are too real and too closely connected to ignore these.” Like he said later on “he started to understand how important, therapeutically seen, the link is between our bodies, the events in our previous life, and who we are today.” After that he discovered, that it was possible to “seen” the spiritual world through the spiritual eyes of the hypnotized, who then was able to tell hem about the life between the lives on Earth.
In the case that opened the door to the spiritual world he once used unintentionally one of the key words for spiritual memories when asking his client if she had a particular group of friends that she missed in her feelings of loneliness, after which she all of a sudden started to cry: “I miss some friends from my group and that is why feel so lonesome on Earth. Here, in my permanent home, and I look at them all just now!”
To his great surprise he discovered in that way by coincidence that in such condition communication turned out to be possible with those persons. Communication in which he got concrete answers on questions like: “Where are you now, what do you see you around you”? “What do you wear on your feet when you look down”? “What is your name”? “In which town or country do you live”? “How old are you”? “Which year is it now”?
Moreover, he discovered that he then just could ask such person what he or she subsequently experienced and in which steps that whole dying process then occurred and where he or she finally found him or herself in the end, something which continuously was described as “home”. He did thousands regressions with clients towards the existence between the lives”, the so called “Life between Lives” (LbL) and called these Spiritual regressions. Based on those experiences he was then able to report what happened after dying in the period between that dying and a subsequent life, and in analyzing his experiences he subsequently discovered fixed patterns and characteristics in that process.

In order to imagine the Meta consciousness for yourself Newton describes our spirit as three shells of related spiritual consciousness. The outer layer encompasses our conscious spirit, or the wake consciousness with our critical, analytical mind with our conscious memories. The second layer is our sub consciousness, where we arrive initially with hypnosis, and have access to all memories that we ever experienced in this or a previous life. We call the third and innermost layer the meta consciousness. That level is the deepest state of our Self, in which we are an expression of our ultimate Source. Our real identity is located in the meta consciousness, together with all sub-consciousness knowledge and memories of all alter ego’s we built in our previous lives. It might even be that the meta consciousness is not a layer but the soul itself. It contains our most encompassing source of wisdom and insight.

5. Emergence of clear consciousness at dying persons with dementia
There turn out to be 2 types of consciousness: on the one hand the wake consciousness through the perception of the environment via the signals of the senses that are coordinated by the brain, and on the other hand the non-local consciousness based on non-local information outside our space/time dimension (see under 2. The explanation of the Quantum Hologram by Edgar Mitchell).
When the physical brain of a human is damaged the spiritual capabilities and thus the wake conscious are damaged, or when the physical body dies, that physical matter is absorbed at death in the material recycling process. But the non-local information of each creature or object that did exist in this 3-D world and has emitted electromagnetic waves that are recorded and continue to exist non-locally.
There are known cases of NDE’s, where persons who were blind from birth were able to see colors during their NDE en demented persons, who short before their dying had a clear mind and were able to discuss things. Large brain activity can just disturb and weaken the non-local consciousness or hinder it.

6. SoulPhone project
It has already early past century been proven by the British Society for Psychical Research (SPR), that the soul continues to exist after death. Next to the information provided by research on reincarnation and NDE’s also a lot is contributed by what deceased persons themselves tell about their existence at the other side via mediums in communication with those deceased persons. Some books that impressed me quite a lot on this subject (see under 3, but these are certainly not the only sources on this subject) are for instance:
My Son and the Afterlife, Conversations from the Other Side by Elisa Medhus, MD ©2013 and My Life after Death, a Memoir from Heaven by Erik Medhus and his mother Elisa Medhus from ©2015
• The French Revelation, Edward C. Randall’s Complete Works Compiled by N. Riley Heagerty ©1995, 2015, and
The Survival of Man and Raymond or Life and Death both by Sir Oliver Lodge ©1909 and 1916.
Amongst others it is stated there, that communication with deceased persons will at a certain point of time become normal in the future. In that same direction goes the SoulPhone Project initiated by Dr Gary Schwarz, director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health (LACH) at the University of Arizona. They try to receive signals from deceased persons with ultra sensitive instruments.

7. Remote Viewing
I was from chapter 5 of the book from Alan Hugenot already familiar with the Stargate Project from the American government, in which by means of remote viewing a crashed airplane was found back in the African jungle, and also with the case in which they were able to secretly follow the hidden building of new type of a Russian submarine (underground to much surprise in the Siberian mountains and without connection to the sea). Recently, I found an article by Stephan Schwartz on how remote viewing was used in finding back of Saddam Hussein. It is for instance also applied to find back old archeological locations.

8. Seeing of ghosts and aura’s
The range of our senses is not the same for everybody and we only cover a very small range of all electromagnetic radiation of the environment around us. There is for instance already a difference between humans and animals (e.g. dogs and insects concerning noise, smell and colors). See for instance below experience of Richard Martini

Why does not everybody see them, while I do?
I’ve seen them my whole life. It’s like asking “why doesn’t my stereo receive radio Havana?” Well, it’s not tuned to get radio Havana. If you had a short wave, you could get radio Havana,I was in Sydney Australia staying at a friend’s house. He had just sold the house, and it was empty except for a bed. I spent the first night there, and when I awoke, about 20 feet across the room, in the 20 foot ceiling home, a man, dressed like a painter, was hanging from a noose.
I jumped up to an elbow position.. as in “Oh my god, what is that?” When I awoke, he said in an Australian accent “Terribly sorry mate, it’s just something I feel the need to do.”
Then he “climbed down from the rafters” — a ladder had appeared that I did not see, the orange kind of ladder, and when he got down the steps, pulled the rope with him – it wasn’t attached – or how it was attached, I have no clue. Then when he stepped away from the ladder it disappeared (or I could not see it anymore.)Later that day, I had lunch with my friend’s wife, who lived in that house for 20 years. I said “So who is your ghost?” She asked me what I was talking about. I told her the story. She said “Well, the painter, the guy who painted the house, did hang himself, but he hanged himself in his own home a few blocks away.”
I said “Well he must have liked your place, because he’s still hanging around.”
The painter gave me “New information.” Meaning – not something I knew, could have known, or looked up (this was in 1996).
And like I say I could report on dozens of other equally verifiable cases.Why can’t you film him on camera? Well, cameras now are picking up all kinds of energy on them, aren’t they? If you just search of “police cams” and “ghosts” you’ll find footage that even the police have zero explanation for. So those who are looking for proof – again, it’s like looking for a reason why they can’t hear a particular radio station, or get the right reception. They aren’t built that way.

9. Swedenborg’s experiences as described in “Heaven and Hell”
Emanuel Swedenborg (Stockholm, January 29, 1688 – London, March 29, 1772) was a Swedish scientist, mystic, philosopher and theologian. The Swedenborg’s were a nobility family. His father Jesper Swedenborg was bishop and professor at the university of Uppsala.
After his university studies in Uppsala, where he studied philosophy, mathematics, sciences, Latin, Greek and Hebrew, he still followed numerous other trainings. He studied physics, astronomy, became a book binder and made musical instruments. He was also interested in cosmology, anatomy, physiology, politics, economy, metallurgy, mineralogy, geology and chemistry and after 1743 also in theology, esotericism and mystic.
Swedenborg studied the brain and the endocrine glands. Some of his discoveries were only confirmed in the twentieth century as correct/applicable.

Swedenborg was very much interested in spirituality. He even tried to find a rational explanation for the functioning of the soul. In the years 1744 and 1745 he had a series of ‘visions’ that impressed him quite a lot. That happened after a serious crisis in 1743.
As from 1745 he stayed until his death in London. There he wrote a 30-volume work on theology. In the publication ‘Heaven and Hell’ he presents his views based on communication with angels and spirits in the afterlife.

Swedenborg had established a Freemasons Lodge in Sweden with, based on the Book of Genesis, an initiation ritual in eight degrees. In the US the ‘Swedenborg Rite’, established in 1859 by members of the ‘Church of the New Jerusalem’. The Rite went further from New York to Canada.
After his death some followers started to establish in 1783 in London an organization under the name ‘Church of the New Jerusalem’. In 1788 they already had numerous members who united in a temple. There are thousands of members of the Swedenborg Church in the US. Also Sweden, Poland and Russia knew followers of this Rite. A Swedenborg-Society exists in The Netherlands (The Hague) which translated all works of Swedenborg in the Dutch language (from about 1910-1970).