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The vision of Dr. Alan Ross Hugenot

Alan Hugenot PhD

After Alan Hugenot obtained his engineering title he had learned to see reality from the perspective of the Newtonian materialistic science. But in 1970, after he survived a Near Death experience after a motor cycle accident, his view on everything changed: “The lesson, which I learned when being out of my body, is that we are no physical beings, but instead of it eternal spirits temporary occupying physical bodies”. Since that time he has studied for more than 40 years all the scientific research on the survival of consciousness and the afterlife known at that time, including Near Death experiences, reincarnation and regression therapy about previous lifes, communication with deceased and the supporting theories of quantum physics.
See also this interview “On the Nature of Consciousness & Survival” from 2015 with him.

Due to his education and work as mechanical engineer in electronics and bio-technological applications and process systems he was familiar with both sides. As a result of that he believes in the reality of alternative dimensions of existence, but as someone who also wants to know the physical aspects behind all this.
He considered it just unbelievable, that the generally accepted science, medical science and philosophy have not been able to reach consensus on the question what comes after this.

Up to today we have not made an effort with all our developed technological and medical knowledge to thoroughly study the afterlife. Even the most learned university professors, respected thinkers and scientists, like late Carl Sagan, have to admit that they just don’t know it. And notwithstanding that believe 73 percent of the people older than 50 years, according to a study by AARP Magazine from spring 2007 in life after death. But there all agreement ends. Why didn’t we ever make a serious effort in the 21st century to thoroughly investigate this?

After reading the Tibetan Book of the Dead this thought came over him:

“Not a single intelligent tourist would come up with the idea of traveling to a strange country without a good guide with instructions for basic preparations, necessary equipment, dangers and obstacles. No Tibetan would leave the known territory of this life without a good guide for the afterlife”. Padma Sambhava, a Buddhist Master from the 8th century.

Alan decided that he had the necessary experience and had done the necessary research required to be able for writing such lacking guide. That became the book “The New Science of Consciousness Survival and the Metaparadigm Shift to a Conscious Universe”. I included his Preface under this link .

Because he included in his book so immense many references to video’s and other books, I also add here an overview Bibliography Alan Hugenot’s book” for further consultation.

He blames the generally accepted science shortsightedness and arrogance in their denial of the Dualism and still ever forced sticking to the outdated Newtonian materialistic vision of some 350 years ago and refers for instance to Gideon Lichfield’s statement on his theories in the Atlantic Monthly (april 2015): “…. when Materialist skeptics attack me they are really attacking Erwin Schrödinger, Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg, David Bohm, Albert Einstein, Paul Dirac, Wolfgang Pauli, Ernest Rutherford, and all the other founders of quantum electrodynamica”.

He makes an appeal to them to open themselves for real science and take off their chosen blinders (of Materialism) , “after which they will quickly discover that this so-called paranormal is more normal than their cherished illusion of a physical reality. Shortly, they will discover that an invisible, implicate field of consciousness exists entirely outside the limited perspective boundaries defining the material world (the Newtonian box), and further that this implicate field provides the matrix for the visible, explicate reality of our physical world of matter.
This implicate field is located in an un-manifested state of quantum potential, which exists simultaneously with our observed reality, either in alternative dimensions of Dark Matter and Dark Energy or within non-visible higher or lower frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum retained in plasma fields located within non-local space. Current scientific investigations by the physicists working in “the void” (“the vacuuum” or Zero-Point-Field ZPF *) are figuring this out. Additionally, many cell biologists have already discovered the same consciousness matrix to exist. This new biocentric (life- centered) perspective from biology is fully compatible with the modern physics of quantum elektrodynamics (QED). And further, QED and this new biocentric perspective do not conflict with each other, and both fully allow scientifically for consciousness survival in an afterlife…”

*) See also this article in Ode Issue Number 61 (in Dutch) on the Zero-Point-Field by Tijn Touber


The New Science of Survival of Consciousness

See also the “Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science”, established in 2014 by a number of scientists during a meeting in order to discuss the impact of the materialist ideology on science and the emergence of a post-materialistic paradigm for science, spirituality and society.

The existence of a hidden field (Dr. David Bohm’s implicate order) of non-physical consciousness, occupying as yet undiscerned additional dimensions (within Dark Energy or etheric plasmas) located outside the visible reality (Bohm’s explicate order), which is itself limited by our perceived Newtonian box of 3-D plus time, has now been proven to exist scientifically by the following data:

      • The philosophical implications of quantum electrodynamic theory (QED), requiring a living consciousness separate from the limited paradigm encompassed by 3-D plus time (see Chapter 11);
      • Recent repeated replication of John Bell’s theory of non-locality
      • Astronomical observations indicating the existence of undiscerned Dark Energy and
        Dark Matter making up 96 percent of the universe;
      • Studies of the near-death experience ( (I had a personal NDE in 1970, see Chapter 6);
      • Children who remember past lifes, University of Virginia (,
        (see Chapter 7);
      • After-death communications, demonstrated in triple-blind laboratory experiments testing evidential mediumship, which I personally participated in (see Chapter 8);
        1. Consciousness Research Laboratory, Institute of Noetic Sciences (
        2. Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health (LACH) at de University of Arizona (
        3. Psychical Research Foundation (
        • Hypothermic cardiac arrest: (see Chapter 5)
        • Remote viewing (see Chapter 19); en
        • De opkomende wetenschap van biocentrisme (see Chapter 12).

This hidden field (implicate order) of non-physical consciousness also provides the matrix upon which the explicate order of observed reality is continually manifested, exactly as Dr. Max Planck stated in 1900.
Further, this consciousness as the matrix perspective is fully supported by quantum elektrodynamics (QED) non-locality and the biocentric paradigm which, taken together, both see life and consciousness as fundamental to the formation of the universe.

The prevailing (yet archaic, 350-years-old) Materialist perspective, which much of Western culture takes for truth, has been completely falsified by the proven validity of QED, and non-locality, and intelligent modern scientists have known this for nearly ninety years with QED and since 1972 (forty-four years) with non-locality.

By 1934 quantum electrodynamics QED had forced the discovery of the need for a living consciousness to exist entirely outside of physics in order for QED to work. So, the entire Conscious Universe theory was then in place. So what I am saying is nothing new; it has just been ignored and by the majority of Materialists conveniently forgotten. This brilliant comprehension drove the founding fathers of QED (Heisenberg, de Broglie, Schrödinger, Pauli, Jeans and Planck and their students like Oppenheimer and his student Bohm) into eastern mysticism looking for answers to what the slower and shallower thinking Materialists  euphemistically termed as “the Measurement Problem” and its philosophical implications.

Later (in 1965) after that generation of geniuses had all passed on, but with Sin-Itiro Tomonaga, Julian Schwinger and Richard P. Feynman’s final mathematical formalization of QED, this problem comes to light. Now, whenever an intellectually honest scientist examines the data, there is no escaping this requirement for consciousness outside of physics.

THE MEASUREMENT PROBLEM: QED states that in order for Schrödinger’s wave function (as expressed in QED) to collapse from potentiality into matter (the illusion of the material reality that we see), which is illustrated in the double-slit experiment (see video), a choice is required prior to the collapse into matter (John von Neumann calls this Process 1). This choice must be made by a living consciousness.
Yet this same QED, as Feynman likes to say, is today “the most proven theory in all of science”, because it gave us the transistor, digital electronics, cell phones, plasma TV, fMRI scans, etc. If QED is not true, then we wouldn’t have these modern electronic conveniences.
Furthermore, recent experimental work at the Institute of Noetic sciences – IONS ( has shown that:

“the behaviour of quantum objects is exquisitely reactive to the act of observation. The controversial interpretation of this effect, that consciousness is responsible for collapsing the quantum wave function (John von Neumann’s Process 1) has also been supported by other physicists, and there has been much debate. But IONS has taken a more pragmatic approach by explicitly testing John von Neumann’s ideas. In a recent paper they showed results from three separate experiments all of which showed results consistent with von Neumann’s proposal”.

‘Series of Experiments Shed Light on the Role of Consiousness’, door Dr. Dean Radin, Ph.D.

Scientific facts or belief
Alan Hugenot devotes much time in his book to refuting the outdated materialistic vision of science. With his Chapter 3 “The Logic of Science and Philosophy – what constitutes proof and how belief systems come about” he shows that he doesn’t want to do that lightly. There he elaborates extensively on what really scientifically proven facts are and what is unfounded criticism on non-local consciousness. Because of that I included that chapter here.

Moreover, I also included a part from Chapter 4 “Three Perspectives: Materialism, Quantum Mechanics, and Biocentrism” in which he explains in the part on Quantum Mechanics underlines how Quantum Electrodynamics the existence and survival of non-local consciousness.

Remote Viewing
From Chapter 5 of Alan Hugenot’s book I was already familiar with the Stargate Project of the U.S. government, in which a lost crashed airplane was found back in the African jungle with the use of  remote viewing, and also with the case in which they were able to follow the building of a new Russian type of submarine hidden underground in the mountains of Siberia (much to everybody’s surprise without any connection to the sea). It has also been applied to find back archeological sites. I now found an article by Stephan Schwartz describing how remote viewing has been used in finding back Saddam Hussein.

“An End to Upside Down Thinking” by Mark Gober
Alan Hugenot reproaches Western science its unscientific and narrow-minded attitude, often ignoring relevant evidence from new studies. Mark Gober attacks Materialism just like him in this book by providing a review of recent and ongoing multidisciplinary scientific research on non-local Consciousness. This factual overview also indicates, that the current state of affairs in the discussion between either a physical brain-based, non-surviving consciousness and the non-local consciousness surviving after death, is reaching a turning point of a new paradigm where it becomes more and more difficult to avoid the evolving evidence from current scientific activity. Because of the impressive overview of the provided summary I included the Index of the book’s content and the full text of Chapter 12 in which he reviews the content of the previous chapters.

Crossing the Threshold: Nonlocal Consciousness and the Burden of Proof
In this article of Stephan A. Schwartz from 2013 on the ongoing paradigm shift he elaborates on the aspects of the current transition of the Copernican paradigm inscience towards the Post-Materialist paradigm. And in addition to this a further elaborated version from 2018 “The Role of Nonlocal Consciousness in Creativity and Social Change” including later research.

“Mind is the builder”, Quantumphysics and our Consciousness
Meanwhile, it is long ago, that it was difficult for me to grasp the meaning of “Mind is the builder”, which Edgar Cayce repeatedly emphasized. However, since I now better understand why the materialistic views of physics on NDE’s are so obsolete it has become clear to me what he meant by it and why we never can “be our brain” when you leave our consciousness out of the metaphysical domain according to the dualistic ideas of Descartes. In the article (unfortunate in Dutch) “About ‘As known to be incorrect ‘ materialistic philosophies of mind” (“Over ‘Als onjuist gekende’ materialistische filosofieën van de geest”) of Raymond Saerens (chairman of Limen IANDS Flanders, the Belgian sister association of Netwerk NDE) he clearly explains why the incorrect materialistic views on reality are not true and he elaborates on the crucial role of our consciousness. According to Quantum theory reality depends on consciousness. The material reality we experience only comes to existence as one of the many options in the quantumfield once observed by a conscious entity. There is no material reality of solid things existing by itself, because that is created from the mind. Mind has the primate over matter and not otherwise, and our consciousness is not produced by our physical brains. Mind is the builder.