The physical and metaphysical reality

The previous pages show that my views on the physical and the metaphysical reality underwent quite a development during my life, say the past sixty years.

In the past my physical reality just consisted of all material things in daily life around you, that can be perceived with our 5 senses, like sunbeams and rain, water to swim in and ice for skating, your body and food to remain healthy, your house, possessions, materials, substances, but also noise, tastes, smells, feelings, etc, etc and apart from that belief in God and heaven, even though nobody was able to tell you what to imagine by that, notwithstanding what the church and the Bible told you about that.

Both worlds gradually acquired more depth and nuances, like the various pages on this website are telling. Nowadays I call that the dualism, as that is called in philosophy. And both are quite real realities to me.

The material, physical reality resulting from all technological developments, new views in chemistry and physics, medical science, geology, cosmology, you name it. It has anyway created an increased interest in physics, quantum physics, string theory, space/time and time/space, black holes and the like, including taking notice of opinions that modern theoretical physics are based upon fantasies and unprovable suppositions. It is fascinating to follow those developments, at least inasfar I still can comprehend it (and is not too far).

And in addition to that my radically changed views and expectations in the metaphysical reality. In that respect the increased insights from scientific research of the past decades with regard to reincarnation and Near-Death experiences play a crucial role. I elaborate on that on separate pages under the button Reincarnation/NDE. But here I already mention my deep conviction of the eternal existence of our soul, as the continuously further evolving Higher Self based upon all accumulated personal experiences in the subsequent incarnations. In any case I can not at all share the views of the large (and still growing?) group of people, who don’t agree with a metaphysical reality, while I am also amazed by so much shortsightedness. While my  spiritual development strongly, though very gradually, deepened, I don’t feel at home anymore in an institutionalized church in which community I want to be able to share  my religious views. Moreover, there is my attraction to the information of Edgar Cayce, the Ra Material with its strong similarities with the gnostic wisdom. And in addition to that there is also the material of Wynn Free, although I still ever don’t know quite well how to judge this all. Under the button Reincarnation/NDE I elaborate more on the increasingly growing insights from scientific research on undeniable data concerning reincarnation and Near-Death experiences.

And finally in 2017 my coming across the findings of Dr. Alan Ross Hugenot from his own Near-Death experience and subsequent paranormal capacities and his extensive research (with active own participation) on scientific underpinning of the paranormal and the non-local (continued)existence of consciousness based upon Quantum Electro-Dynamics and Biocentrism. Those insights form the bridge to connect those two worlds in a new metaparadigm on a conscious universe, that provides the foundation for the material reality, which only exists when perceived by conscious beings.

I consider it thus as rather special when experiencing, that what I already in 1985 vaguely-intuitively assumed and tried to formulate as my view on identity, consciousness, and feeling connected with one another in a single page, has more and more become my conviction, also confirmed in the views of The Law of One, of the gnosis, and of the reserach results concerning reincarnation and Near-Death experiences.