A special experience in my inward journey was, that I – after my previously coming across the material of Edgar Cayce and subsequently ‘The Law of One’ in the Ra material via Don Elkins with the medium Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty, and after that with Wynn Free in America – returned in a wide loop at the age-old Hermetic Gnosis. In the past I also had shallowly touched that, but this repeated acquaintance was better now due to its many similarities. Robert Swami Persaud drew my attention to that when I published this website with also a warning for the misleading of the Elohim as ‘failed’ godly son Jaldabaoth of Sophia referring to the ‘apokryphon of John’ with the revelation of Jesus to John in the Nag Hammadi texts on the Demiurg and the Archonts.

That age-old gnosis, with its roots already before Christianity was forbidden in the beginning period of the Christian church with the first church-fathers, although those views can also be found back in the gospel of Saint John and at Saint Paul and in many religions and cultures. See for instance too this attached article (unfortunately in Dutch) ‘Het arrogante denken en het luisterende denken: de Demiurg en de Christus in ons – Over het bewustzijn in oude gnostische mythes’ (On arrogant and listening thinking: the Demiurg and the Christ within ourselves – On consciousness in old gnostic myths) by Bram Moerland.

After that experience I also refer to an (also Dutch article) by Dr Frans E.J. Gieles. See also his website below.

Because of all these Dutch texts I also refer to this text about Gnosis on wikipedia.