My development

Under this button I try to film back how my current philosophy of life developed from my Dutch Reformed background, or maybe better the ‘Reformed Churches of The Netherlands’, like these initially developed from the religious belief of our ancestors after the Reformation towards  the ‘Nederlands Hervormde Kerk’ (Dutch Reformed Church), out of which later on the ‘Gereformeerde Kerken’ (Reformed Churches in The Netherlands) separated themselves. This Calvinist oriented ‘Gereformeerde kerk’, which started in The Netherlands as the church of ‘de kleine luiden’ (the simple people) played a very active role in the past century, not only as active religious community, but also in the strongly ‘pillarized structure’ of society in those days with the ‘Reformed pillar’ containing numerous christian organizations like for instance the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, the NCRV (Netherlands Christian Radio Society), the daily paper De Standaard (later on Trouw), and the Anti-Revolutionaire Partij, the political party which is nowadays part of the CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal).

In the past ‘believing’ used to be more or less similar for me with ‘being Reformed’, being a member of that church. When asked whether you believed you said “I am reformed”. That encompassed the total of that protestant institutionalized religion, of which the Reformed Churches in The Netherlands again were a more specific part with all its dogmatized religious views.
As a teenager you went to ‘catechesatie’ (catechesis) at the pastor in order to become familiar with those tenets, among others formulated in the form of questions and answers as paragraphs in the text blocks of the  52 Sundays of the ‘Heidelbergse Catechismus’ (Heidelberg Catechism).
And when ‘doing confession’ you confessed that belief in front of the whole community.

My religious view consisted of a mixture of things, which you really did believe and other things, rather perceived as more formal tenets, at which you looked with certain reserves or didn’t know quite well how actually to consider those.
There actually started already the distinguishing in the gradations between your real personally experienced belief, and more distanced matters like ‘taking into account that it might be true, but not really knowing so’, and things which actually don’t mean anything to you when you honestly had to tell what they really mean to you.
When growing up and discovering and widening your horizon of the world around you – in which again and again also new insights developed  during the years (for instance in physics, archeology, dna, etc) – my personal spiritual relious experience gradually became more and more intertwined with and became part of my wider philosophy of life or world view.

The impulses for that development initially – that is around my thirtieth when I was ‘ouderling’ (elder) and started every now and then feeling a bit uneasy in my conscious religious experience – came also from my interest to become more familiar with other religions, due to which I could ever less imagine, that the  Godly interference with humanity just focused at the Jewish people and Jesus, out of which later on in particular due to Saint Paul’s efforts the Christian Church developed, and the remaining part of humanity merely was to be neglected or considered as gentiles to be converted to the one and only true religion.

Even though I always hesitated when familiarizing with the world view that emerged from the so called ‘readings’ of Edgar Cayce, who lived in America in the past century until his passing away in 1945, and the literature related to it, I do realize myself now, that this has had a substantial impact on my way of thinking. In particular his confrontation – to his own big surprise as an orthodox protestant – with reincarnation, karma and the impact of elements from previous lives in Egypt, among the Romans, among the Essenes or in South America on present lives of people, the events around Atlantis, etc. impressed me very much.

And I felt that my changing world view due to the many radically developing new insights in the last decades became ever less compatible with “Dutch Reformed world views” of my church and most of its members. When once inventorying those developments in 2010 for myself in “Hoezo Nieuws?” I was surprised myself in seeing how many radical developments in so short period had influenced my world view. In that I elaborated for instance on newly developed insights with regard to:

  • Archeology, paleontology and astronomy, which show that our earth is older than about 4,000 to 5,000 years
  • Deciphering the DNA with recent insights in the beginning and spreading of humanity
  • Relativity theory, Quantum physics and String theory with new views on the relation matter – energy – time and the knowable reality
  • Accelerated scientific development and communication pace in spreading of information: news on the murdering of Lincoln took for instance several days to cross the ocean compared to CNN’s current breaking news, in which we nowadays see live the exploding rockets in wars
  • Consciousness survival in afterlife with experience of paranormal mediums, reincarnation, Near-Death experiences, and
  • Observing and consciousness: observation is not objective, but depends on the observer, time and location.

The reformed church started to feel more and more as the church of my parents and grand parents, but increasingly less as a familiar as home of like-minded people with whom to share your religious views at a similar wave length.

And finally my acquaintance with the Ra Material and “The Law of One” from the de channeling sessions in the 80’s of Don Elkins and the medium Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty had much impact on my way of thinking even though I am not sure for myself of the degree of reliability and may many people consider it nonsense. The latter counts certainly too for my acquaintance with the material from the channelings of Wynn Free with initially Daphne Karandanis and later on also Terry Brown with the Elohim. There is anyway still quite a lot of their material to be read and studied.

All this aroused also my wish to learn to know more of modern physics, the view on our cosmos, time and space, matter, anti-matter and black holes, and the developments of Quantum Physics in relation to the Dualism of Descartes, in which he made some 350 years ago a clear distinction between the physical reality and another spiritual reality outside of it. Against that background I became also interested in the ‘Reciprocal System Theory of Physics’ of Dewey B. Larson from America at the end of the past century. Based on scientific-theoretical grounds he put an end to the modern mathematical physicists and developed a theory on both the physical reality and the metaphysical reality as well, which says also something – although we have very limited observations on that – on the reality with more dimensions than our one.

I got more and more the feeling that it is crucial in what way one looks at:

  • the continuing evolution of yourself, your soul, your higher self in a sequence of temporary incarnations with learning-situations on this planet, which by and large already were chosen in the last in-between life period, and
  • how time/space and eternity/infinity may be related to one another; how everything that has happened and still will happen exists in the so called “Akasha records” to which earthly mediums sometimes may have access from our limited dimensions.

In that respect reincarnation has become a matter of course for me, while I became ever more curious during the past years to better understand the possible simultaneous  existence and relation of time/space and eternity/infinity, and concepts like non-local consciousness.

The Common Theme:
This whole development of some 55 years shows then a picture of a gradually continuation of relativizing of my reformed background towards a even so widening world view. In that I realize myself, that I found (also intuitively) ever more impulses as food for my active religious experience from outside the reformed world and that my ties with that church – nowadays PKN – finally had ever more become social contacts and the annual “vrijwillige bijdrage” (free contribution) than a really shared philosophy of life. That sharing of philosophical matters has rather developed into internet contacts and books over the past years.

And then suddenly, in 2017 some kind of a “rounding off experience” occurred by learning to know Dr. Alan Ross Hugenot in a lecture of the NDE network. Being educated in general physics and engineering – until today still founded on Newton’s materialist views  – he came due to an own Near-Death experience (still before that phenomenon became known due to the books of Dr. Raymond Moody and got its name) to the conclusion, that those views were outdated. Also due to the paranormal capacities he got after that experience he started to extensively explore the interrelatedness of the paranormal and the modern views of quantum physics, views which in fact – after the discoveries by the founders of Quantum Electro-Dynamics (Heisenberg, de Broglie, Schrödinger, Pauli, Jeans, Planck, Oppenheimer, Bohm and Von Neumann with the Zero Point Field) already in the beginning of the previous century – had been interrupted by 2 world wars and had more or less come to a stand still. Only in the past decades – also due to scientific research of the paranormal, the scientific research of reincarnation and of Near-Death experiences – the insight had arisen, that there is a non-local consciousness, which is the basis for the material reality, as perceived by us with our 5 senses and described by Newton. The consciousness is primary (‘Mind is the Builder’ like Edgar Cayce remarked time and again) and the material reality based on 3 dimensions + time is derived from that. In his book “The NEW SCIENCE of CONSCIOUSNESS SURVIVAL and the Metaparadigm Shift to a Conscious Universe” Alan Hugenot unfolds these insights with an immense abundance of references (books, articles, video’s). I am still digesting that material (in particular under the button “Our cosmos”).

Some of you may possibly consider me in this development as a will-o’-the-wisp, a development which is irreconcilable with “what we learned back home”, others may consider elements as nonsensical or laughable and not compatible with proven scientific views or wonder if something is wrong with my mental faculties.

So be it, I dare to say now in my mid-seventies.

And still others may also recognize things from their own development or become interested to explore those subjects furthermore. Just for them this site is also meant, and for the possibility of discussion and sharing ideas.