My basis

A strange feeling.
Finding myself back here. I finally started now trying to formulate what my current world view is. This as an opening in this project which is already for years playing in the back of my head to tell about my inward journey in search of my identity, which in the end boils down to my relation to God in my opinion.

More about that journey on the other pages of this website.
It is not for the first time I do something like that. So I remember for instance a jotted down reflection on  ‘Individuality and Consciousness’ from 1985, a document ‘Message from underway’ (1988) en ‘What do you mean being News?’ (2010) when I was respectively 43, 46 and 68 years old (all unfortunately in Dutch).

Before I will elaborate on the developments during that journey, however, I will try to formulate here first what at this moment in my 70s is my philosophy. In the past I might have called that my religious belief, but it has become wider, more encompassing, my experiencing of myself in how I see the world around me, my environment.

I see, that I stand definitely different in that compared to the currently large (and still ever growing?) group of people, who categorically want to limit their existence in their cosmos to just the physical, observable and empirically or scientifically verified reality. That also counts for many theoretical physicists.
It surprises me quite often how reasonably thinking people can spasmodically squeeze themselves into such view, thereby shutting themselves down from another reality which definitely too exists, but is ignored or ridiculed as being outdated concepts, that don’t fit anymore in the modern time with our present scientific knowledge.
So, that reality doesn’t exist then for them. I will readily believe so. But that doesn’t mean of course, that it doesn’t exist then. Just like someone who may be completely absorbed with his thoughts by something and forgets the reality around him. In my opinion that is exactly what happens then. Becoming absorbed by your opinions and forgetting or deliberately not wanting to see that other reality. Sometimes it looks like “the modern science” has been elevated to a new religion by those people.

‘Cogito ergo sum’ Descartes already said, ‘I think, so I am’ as the ultimate proof of his existence. With a slight twist in that statement I think you might as well say ‘You are what you think’. That and where your thoughts are focused at is what you are, that is then your world. With his Dualism he became later on (after previous philosophers) the champion of discerning a spiritual world in addition to the physical/materialist world.

Essentials of my philosophy are:

  • The Golden Rule, the grand love command “Love God above all with whole your heart and all your mind” which formulated in other words is the same as “and your neighbours like yourself”. Because actually we are one with God, our Source and with our fellow-creatures, who all originated from the same evolution process, and in which everybody in his own development is underway to becoming conscious of our unity with our Creator and our fellow-creatures. In concrete wording that comes to: “Treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself and don’t treat others in a  way you don’t like to be treated yourself”. That concerns an empathic attitude of “thinking inclusive” (respect for other people’s interests and views and also those of yourself, thinking from the whole, which is called “service-to-others” in the Ra Material) instead of “thinking selfish” (focused on power, manipulating, dominating, imposing your opinions, status, material possessions, regardless if at someone else’s cost, self-centered thinking, which is called “service-to-self” in the Ra Material). In the gnosis that is living from the knowledge of the Christ, the godly spark within yourself. Basically the key word is: Compassion.
  • Eternal conscious existance. Reincarnation has become more plausible to me than the view that our existence just passes on between the first squeal when being born and our last breath when dying. Though our incarnated personality in this earthly body is temporary, our soul, our Higher Self is eternal.
    In that sense I consider myself as the pilgrim in the touching Flammarion wood-cut on the Homepage, the wandering seeker, who lost his conscious memory of his origin in his earthly incarnation due to the veil of oblivion or at its best still may have vague, intuitive memories. Memories of a previous life may still occur with children during their first years of life (at most until 6 to 7 years, after which consciousness completely focuses on the present existence in discovering the world around them). Also the increasing factual data on Near-Death-Experiences contribute a lot to these insights during the past years, which clarify, that we continue after “passing away” with our same identity, though without our earthly body (including our opinions and interests; some even don’t initially realize that they are dead), and ever further evolving as spiritual beings – maybe with intermediate other incarnations – towards the eventual unifying with our Primal Source or God.
  • Karma, sin, and forgiveness. Due to my ideas on karma sin and forgiveness have got another meaning. I compare it with the following metaphor: in your dealing with others you may (deliberately or unaware) build either negative karma by hurting, impairing, treating them negatively or else as kind of a negative charge during an earthly incarnation or, of course also positive karma in dealing positively with others. To discharge that becoming aware and forgiving is needed between you and the other(s). You take that karma with you to a following earthly incarnation, for which sort of a learning programme is prepared in order to relive those “learning-situations” – often with those same persons (also often in quite changed roles as parent-child, master-subordinate, man-woman, etc.) – and restore the balance.
  • All is One as ‘The Law of One’ is extensively explained in the ‘Het Ra Material’, that resulted from the years-long channeling sessions of Don Elkins, the medium Carla Rueckert, and later on also Jim McCarty in the eighties in America. And those same insights are found back in the gnosis and were preserved in the esoteric knowledge in many religions and spiritual currents, of which also traces can be found back at Paul and John in the New Testament.
  • Eternity, time, and matter. God, our Source is infinite, eternal intelligence from which our universe and other universes separated and space and time emerged simultaneously existing in various spheres. During our development our consciousness evolves through increasing insight from our earthly experiences towards becoming one again with our Source. In this respect the new insights of Quantum physics and the eternal, infinite non-local consciousness explain a lot on the unrealistic statements and denials by the materialistic oriented and still very much on outdated Newtonian views based physics, which just due to these limited principles are not able to say anything on the metaphysical sphere.
  • Human distortion. Though very valuable the Biblical scriptures are writings by human hands. That means also that they are colored according to the ideas and world views of all those people who were involved in this. And that is the same with the religions, which are products of the human mind of the church leaders and believers due to their as infallible considered traditions and their in due time developed dogma’s, whether they are mixed with political and/or plain earthly power games. A particular example of that are the rediscovered texts in Nag Hammadi from the first centuries of Christianity,  which were hidden in a cave when they were forbidden, but from which clear traces can be recognized in the views of Saint John and Saint Paul.