Afterlife: Death is a new phase of life

The churches have peculiar opions about death: what am I supposed to imagine at statements like “Death is defeated”, or “When we die we go to heaven or to hell” and “At the Day of Judgement the graves will open” and the “Resurrection from death” will occur, etc?

After a Near-death experience persons generally look quite differently at that. They don’t have fear for dying anymore and they don’t believe, but know from then on for certain that it is different.

My developed insights, which I described on this site concerning the evolution of our soul, reincarnation, Near-death-experiences, eternal non-local consciousness, time and eternity and different dimensions of being, have also changed my views concerning death. That our existence doesn’t end by passing away was already clear, but what is it what I imagine then?

Additional information from communication with deceased
In addition to the information, which is accumulated by studying of reincarnation and NDE’s also much is contributed by what deceased individuals do tell themselves about their existence at the other side through mediums in communication with those deceased persons. Several books on that subject which impressed me quite a lot (but these are definitely not the only sources on this subject) are for instance:
My Son and the Afterlife, Conversations from the Other Side van Elisa Medhus, MD (c)2013 en My Life after Death, a Memoir from Heaven van Erik Medhus en zijn moeder Elisa Medhus van (c)2015
The French Revelation, Edward C. Randall’s Complete Works Compiled by N. Riley Heagerty ©1995, 2015 and
The Survival of Man and Raymond or Life and Death both by Sir Oliver Lodge ©1909 and 1916.

My Son and the Afterlife, Conversations from the Other Side
This impressive book by the physician Elisa Medhus, mother of the 20 years aged Erik Medhus, who comitted suicide in 2009, originated from the dealing with her grief after the loss of her son. Shortly after his suicide he reached out in contacts with his mother, the other familymembers, family and friends in different ways, in relation to his improving capabilty to control his energy in searching contact with the earth plane. Elisa Medhus started her website with her blogs of these communications via some mediums like Jamie Butler and Kim O’Neill. That developed towards a site with a community of many followers. Her book “My Son and the Afterlife, Conversations from the Other Side” provides a touching account of his experiences over there and his growing knowledge, with which he explains – often with humor – in a for us conceivable way. She emphasizes her initial disbelief due to her scientific attitude as physician and her background of atheist parents. It gives a strong contrast with the other books with experiences of one century ago, in which the warm relationship of Erik and his “Mom” with presentday language of an American boy of twenty is quite different from the conversations between Raymond Lodge and his parents. Both Erik and Raymond and their parents as well are very ambitious to inform us here on earth on their experiences.

The French Revelation is a compilation of the findings one age ago of Edward C. Randall, a well-known lawyer from New York, after fifteen years of research on communication with deceased persons in cooperation with a medium, Emily S. French. Initially, he didn’t believe himself that this could be true. In their numerous evening sessions in the dark they applied the so-called phenomenon of ‘direct voice’. In that after some time the voices of deceased entities came through from the other side via the medium Emily French, while Edward Randall asked the questions and recorded the communications.
Among the spirits from the other side for instance the 71 years earlier deceased Dr. David C. Hossack and Michael Faraday were important sources. Dr Hossack stated as a scientist, that they just continued to live overthere in an ethereal body – though without a physical body – and further developed all their insights, which they already had on earth. They stated for instance, that the whole universe consists of matter, though to a large extent with a much higher vibration (dark matter, dark energy, ether) than what we only partially perceive at the earth of the total range of the spectrum with our limited 3D senses.

Next to our physical bodies we have also here an etheric body at our disposal with the same characteristics as our physical body. We are not able, however, to perceive that etherical body (although some are able to perceive aura’s) and when we die we discard the physical body.

Randall had to spend a large part of the time during their sessions on convincing spirits that they had passed away, because they didn’t realise that themselves or pertinently didn’t want to believe, since they were still ever conscious of themself with all their feelings and memories and didn’t realise that they had no physical body anymore; but also due to their quite different religious expectations or had been convinced that there would be nothing more after their death and they still ever turned out to be there.
(See more in particular p. 110-115 of Chapter 8)

The research by Sir Oliver Lodge, physicist and one of Great Britain’s foremost scientists, who also obtained patents on his name for the development of wireless telegraphy (radio). He was elected as Fellow of the Royal Society in 1887 and knighted in 1902. Lodge began investigating the mediumship in 1883-1884 for the Society of Psychical Research (SPR) and continued to do so until his death in 1940. He scientifically investigated all great mediums, including Eusapia Palladino, Lenora Piper and Gladys Osborne Leonard. He wrote about that in his book of 1909 titled The Survival of Man.
His lifelong work and his research on mediumship are great reading, because six years after pubpublication of his book, in which Sir Oliver Lodge already confirmed the science of survival of consciousness, his son, Second Lieutenant Raymond Lodge was killed in action on September 14, 1915 during the First World War in Flandres. That gave Lodge the opportunity also to personally verify the reality of consciousness survival. Eleven days after Raymond Lodge’s death, he started to communicate with Sir Oliver and Lady Lodge via the mediumship of Gladys Osborne Leonard and Alfred Lord Peters. In 1916 he published on that the touching personal story of their scientific findings on these developments.
(See more in particular p. 124-125 of Chapter 8)

The conclusion is, that our soul just continues to exist after our death as etheric spirit in another dimension (non-local consciousness). According to those stories the deceased persons stay around us as etheric spirits, who we are not able to perceive (but who are accessible through mediums). After our passing away we are often welcomed by them and united together. Our spirit continues to develop itself overthere in other spheres until the eventual unification with the infinite Super Consciousness.

Or in short, a completely different idea from “The Day of Judgement” and a “Resurrection from death at the opening of the graves”.

The science of communication with the dead
Since Alan Hugenot extensively deals with the subject of After-Death-Communication (ADC) in Chapter 8 of his book The New Science of Consciousness Survival and the Metaparadigm Shift to a Conscious Universe” (including the development of his own paranormal capabilities as a medium and involvement in scientific research on this subject) I included that chapter here too.
Note: Because of its length the document may have difficulty to open some pages. Opening the original and/or downloading will help then.

The contents of chapter 8 are:
b. Chaffin’s Last will
c. George Pellew
d. Frederic W.H. Myers – The Cross Correspondence
e. Runki
f. Montague Keen
a. 1893 – 1916 Investigations by Sir Oliver Lodge for SPR
b. 2012 – present Investigations by Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)
c. 2015 – present Working with LACH at University of Arizona
7. CONCLUSION (p.131)

What do we know by now about the afterlife?
Over the past years scientific research through various mediums is providing an ever growing picture of how life overthere looks like. Here a short summary from chapter 5 of the book “When did you become less by dying? Afterlife: The Evidence” by Stafford Betty.

He is Professor of Religion at the California State University in Bakersfield and is an expert on afterlife studies. He wrote for instance the book ‘The Afterlife Unveiled – What ‘the dead’ are telling us about their world’, in which he elaborates the via mediums channeled stories of 7 persons: William Stainton Moses (Anglican minister and famous English medium), Leslie Stringfellow (a 20-years old Texan), Judge David Hatch (who after his professional period as judge and lawyer studied spiritual philosophy), Frederic W.H. Myers (one of the famous co-founders of the Society for Psychical Research), Robert Hugh Benson (Anglican priest and son of Edward White Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury), Frances Banks (an Anglican nun) and Alvin D. Mattson (notable Lutheran minister, theologian, and professor). The mentioned summary is in particular based on these stories.

The complete story Life in the World Unseen’ of Robert Hugh Benson with a concrete account of his experiences overthere as from his passing away can here also be read and downloaded. That is in fact the Plane of Illusion, which Frederic Myers calls the 3rd plane, also called Summerland.

In Chapter 2 – The Chart of Existence of ‘The Road to Immortality’ by E.B. Gibbes Frederic W.M. Myers provides in his communication through the medium Geraldine Cummins an overview of the successive phases of the soul in the afterlife. The following statement is an index, or rather an itinerary, of the journey of the soul.

1. The Plane of Matter
2. Hades or the Intermediate State
3. The Plane of Illusion
4. The Plane of Colour (the world of Eidos)
5. The Plane of Flame
6. The Plane of Light
7. Out Yonder, Timelessness

Between each plane or new chapter in experience there is existence in Hades or in an intermediate state, when the soul reviews his past experiences and makes his choice, deciding whether he will go up or down the ladder of consciousness.

1. The Plane of Matter consists of all experiences in physical form, in matter as known to man. These experiences are not confined to the earth life. There are experiences of a similar character in numerous starry regions. Sometimes the body vibrates faster or slower than the body of man in such starry places. But the term “physical” expresses its character and nature.

2. Hades is a term, which corresponds with the astral plane. Immediately on the dissolution of the body there comes a brief period of seeming disintegration, a temporary dislocation of those parts which make you one.

3. The Plane of Illusion is the dream period connected with life passed on the Plane of Matter.

4. The Plane of Colour. Existence in this state is not governed by the senses. It is more directly controlled by mind. It is still an existence in form, and therefore an existence in substance. That substance is a very rarefied matter. It might be called an air of matter. The Plane of Colour is within the terrestrial zone or within the corresponding starry zone wherein the soul previously had experience of a physical existence.

5. The Plane of Pure Flame. In this state the soul becomes aware of the pattern his spirit is weaving in the tapestry of eternity and realises all the emotional life of those souls fed by the same spirit (Group-soul).

6. The Plane of Pure Light. Within its borders the soul obtains an intellectual conception of all the previous experiences within its group-soul. Further, he realises all emotional life within the body of the world or earth soul.

7. Lastly, the Seventh Plane. The spirit and its various souls are now fused and pass into the Supreme Mind, the Imagination of God, wherein resides the conception of the Whole, of universe after universe, of all states of existence, of past, present and future, of all that has been and all that shall be. Herein is continuous and complete consciousness, the true reality.