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Akasha chronicles This is the sphere in which all knowledge of experiences is stored in sort of a collective consciousness. Akasha comes from the Samskrit for aether, sky or firmament. Ik also reminds me of the collective sub-consciousness of Jung, the skin of collective knowledge of Teilhard de Chardin or the non-local consciousness, which Pim van Lommel describes. Sometimes mediums have access to this sphere, as was the case with Edgar Cayce with his ‘readings’ in trance.
Praying For me that means opening your heart with what concerns you, focusing yourself to God and to entrust that to our Primal Source to whom we are again journeying from our deepest self. That is something else than a “Santa Clous-God” whom you may ask everything you would like to receive, like for instance asking God for the victory from both sides on the battlefield or a soccer team asking for winning the match before the game.
Densities That refers to the octave of various densities in the evolution of the soul:
1st density – is the density of Water/Fire/Earth/Air (“rocks are alive”), the density of matter
2nd density – is the density of Plants and the Animals, less often minerals/crystals
3rd density – is the density of our current incarnations on this 3rd density earth of the Intelligent self-consciousness, in which we are learning the  “The Central Choice” between experiencing ‘Service-to-Others’ and ‘Service-to-Self’ with our free will
4th density – the coming density in our evolution governed by the Laws of Love or Understanding. The earth is already in transition towards that density with also 4th density beings
5th density – governed by the Laws of Light or Wisdom
6th density – with beings vibrating with the “Law of One” (the Higher Self too)
7th density – is governed by the Law of Eternal being – acquiring the Spiritual mass before the unification
8th density – A mystery, as everything starts all over again in the next “octave” in the universe
Distortion Everything is one like the Law of One states. When Ra mentions things in our space/time sphere these are individualized, separate things. Because of that the description ‘distortion’ or separated from the One.
Baptism and Confession Among our ‘sacraments’ baptism during the church service aims to express, that the baptized child is also a child of God even though it still isn’t aware of that. Some religions practice because of that the baptism of adults instead of children. And with ‘doing Confession’ or ‘Witnessing’ your belief in front of the whole church community and afterwards participating in ‘the Holy Supper’, where by the passing on of bread and the wine cup the last supper of Jesus at Passover is memorized in the symbolism of his sacrificed body and blood shed at the cross. In the Roman Catholic Church only the priest drinks the wine at the altar and everybody receives the hosti.
Trinity The trinity dogma as the unity of the three separate beings of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit is a completely theoretical and artificial concept, which has no meaning for me in my life. It is unbelievable for me that there have been such fierce discussions – separated from reality – on this in the past.
Eternal life The great mystery of how the  finite space/time and time/space  experienced by us may simultaneously exist together with the incomprehensible infinity of eternality and the eternal life. To me the survival of the soul is a much more acceptable reality than  the one-time existence between being born and passing away due to the many factually researched cases of reincarnation and Near-Death experiences.
Grace The central dogma of the “reconciliation”, which Jesus – as son sent by God to humanity – brought about as penance by his death at the cross is in my opinion a distorted presentation of the real meaning. I developed another view on that via the concept of karma.
For me it is important, that I will be able to come to terms with my karma towards others and the whole world with each one’s karma. And that during the journey of the many reincarnations, that we are living.
I am not able to accept the representation of the dogma of the “grace and reconciliation”, which would be impossible by yourself, but only collectively could be accomplished by Jesus through his penance at the cross for the people who would follow him. That is a presentation, which in my opinion goes back to the Jewish thinking, in which sacrifices were needed to be made to God and by which the scapegoat was driven into the desert as a collective penance. Sacrificing to gods reminds me too much to the way primitive people were supposed to deal with their gods.
God In the book “The case for God” Karen Armstrong gives a fascinating overview of the various views on the term God, the divine and similar views like Brahman, Atman, … which people in various religions had and have and also the extent whether we as humans can have an opinion on “the unknowable” at all. She presents a picture of the development from the original Jahwe, the unknowable “I am who I am” as an impersonal God, which image gradually was distorted by all kinds of projections from our human world view towards the Creator, the All-good, All-knowing, Love, Shepherd, Judge who condemns, an Almighty leader, who reigns the whole world and many other superlatives like some kind of an Superman.
The protestant reverend Klaas Hendriks takes a challenging stand against that in his book “Geloven in een God die niet bestaat, Manifest van een atheïstische dominee” (Believing in a God, who doesn’t exist, Manifesto of an atheist reverend), in which he doesn’t disavows, but wants to disprove all those human projections. In his opinion God doesn’t exist, but God happens, or God may happen, though not without people, because people are needed for that and that God stands not separate from others, other people that means. He doesn’t see God as deduction from a substantive, but from a verb: “Carry on, and I will join you”. That appeals to such degree to me, that all those names are no living terms to me either. I rather see God as the source, of which the whole cosmos and we as humans are part of.
Religions Just like my acquaintance with the experiencing and the ideas of other religions expanded my experiencing of my philosophy of life with sometimes reviving elements in my religious views which had lost its meaning, I do expect that this also will work on worldwide in the generations to come.
That interaction of the various religions will still be a a very long road to go when we realize to what extent those religions – both Christianity in all its varieties in the West and East and also the islam, the judaism and the buddhism – are intertwined with cultures, populations and national and political interests.
But supported by the extremely intensified communication possibilities in our ever ‘smaller’ world I do expect, that worldwide a new movement will emerge out of all those searching people, who definitely consider themselves religious, though less fitting within the old structures.
Holy Spirit I am not able to handle the term Holy Spirit who is with us as a kind of spirit, like there are also good spirits or poltergeists. I rather imagine the Holy Spirit as the insight and mentality, that you get when living according to the main rule in life “Love God above all and your neighbor like yourself”. You can make that spirit your own and you can also share that with others with a similar view on life.
Also the more prosaic metaphor with the air around us, which we all share  in our breathing in and out as beings which eventually are one, appeals to me.
Heaven and Hell The existence of a heaven as a place above or outside this world where one goes after dying if not to the hell due to your behaviour, is at its best imagery to me, which is no reality in my philosophy of life.
In my view our existence is eternal, you only continue to live in another state of consciousness and without a physical body. And whether that is a heavenly or an infernal existence depends on the karma you built during your earthly existence and how you deal with that in view of the Love command as the main rule of life.
When your insights and experiences in this 3rd density are ready to pass on to the next phase of development of your soul into the 4th density you carry on with that after passing away. When you have denied that during your earthly existence you will continue in that same consciousness and find out, that you will again go through experiences in a next incarnation enabling you to acquire that insight. In that sense trying to solve problems by fleeing in suicide doesn’t solve anything and doesn’t give the rest hoped for. You get the chance to learn those lessons yet in a subsequent life.
Jesus Jesus as the “one and only born Son of God”, who was sent as human being to our world – which means only to the jews at that time – who came down to bring us the message of God and who did penance for our sins at the cross is a representation, which doesn’t appeal to me anymore.
That he was someone, who did bring important news with his message, revealed a gospel, that has not changed for me.
But being and God and human as well is one of those later dogma’s that don’t appeal to me (that is, however, quite different from viewing that we are all one with our Creator, our Primal Source and that Jesus was aware of that relation during all his life on earth and because of that expressed himself in enshrouded terms and “parables”).
And I am also not able to come to terms with the view on his death at the cross, in which he as Lamb of God – the metaphor of the scapegoat from the jewish way of thinking – established reconciliation for our sins. That is related to my incapacity to understand what is meant with the descriptions of sin in the views of the church.
Karma When you treat others rudely by shortsighted, egoistic, loveless behaviour or by thoughtlessness, disrespectfulness or stupidity that results in negative karma as some kind of negative charge, which needs to be redressed, discharged by realizing your rude behaviour and by being forgiven by the maltreated person. Karma is in my opinion a charge, which cleaves on all your behaviour towards your surroundings. These may be positive and negative charges in your relations with others. When you did wrong to somebody that must be “redressed”, as we call it. Such redressing or discharging between you and that other person requires two things: on the one hand you need to realize that you were wrong, unfair to the other and regret or repent it, on the other hand that other person should be willing to forgive you and not any longer reproach you. Only then such tension is discharged or neutralized.
Day of Judgement This concept has been replaced for me by the generally told experiences of people who had a Near-death experience of a life show of alle experiences during your life. You re-experience all kinds of situations of your life during which you feel how others did experience your good or bad behaviour. There doesn’t follow punishment like after a judgement, but own insight and maybe feeling ashamed like with a lesson. When considering useful that may lead to again a new incarnation.
Church In general the church as “communion of saints”, or for me the previous reformed church, nowadays the Samen Op Weg church, in which I am not actively participating anymore, although I still am a member. A situation, that is similar with many others. The not unsubscribing, because you definitely don’t consider yourself as “nothing” and also my connection with my previous active involvement with that community and maybe also due to respect to my parents and ancestors, who quite much dedicated themselves to that church.
By the more individually experiencing of my belief or philosophy of life together with the feeling less to be able to share that within sort of a community of relatives, like where they used to call themselves brothers and sisters, that connection with my church community and national church faded into the background.
In fact I notice, that the sharing of thoughts, ideas and experiences occurs rather more outside the church with the few people with whom I am able to exchange that and by the recognition at others via internet or by reading books. That is a totally different kind of community inasfar you might call that a community.
I do have a feeling, that other structures are being formed around the means of communication and the way of life of the present and future, for instance via websites, movements or even associations to which you can subscribe and books. In that sense there remains a need to feel companionship, to recognize yourself with others and sharing experiences together, but I don’t expect, that church services, singing and praying together and sermons will play a big role in that.
Mind/Body/Spirit complex This rather artificial terminology uses Ra for us as human beings consisting of the 3 component: 1) mind, thoughts, brain, 2) body and 3) spirit, soul.
Mind is the Builder Cayce frequently refers to this as explanation, that everything which exists is the product of thinking, of the mind, the will or intention. It starts all with that, like a thing is the result of a form thought of, the aimed design.
NDE (Near-Death-Experience) A near-death-experience (NDE) is a combination of impressions during a special state of consciousness due to a period of cardiac-arrest, a severe illness, an near fatal situation or a dying process. Such experience may also occur with extreme stress, during an existential crisis or with deep meditation and in very extraordinary situations even quite spontaneous. It is a pervasive life lesson, which permanently changes the life of a NDE-er.
It seems as if a hidden door opens which gives access to a new world …
• where one always would like to stay
• where time and distance don’t play a role
• where past and future can be viewed
• where one feels complete and whole and
• where infinite knowledge and unconditional love are experienced
The change in the life of a NDE-er results in particular from the insight that love and attention for yourself, for others and nature are important vital necessities.
After a NDE one is aware that everybody and everything are connected to each other, that each thought influences yourself and the other, and that our consciousness, after the bodily death, survives.
Service to Self/Others The central focus of us people during our incarnation in the 3rd density is to choose with our free will between ‘Service-to-Self’ or ‘Service-to-Others’. Service to self or to others is: Selfishness, egocentrism, manipulating or self-interest next to altruism, compassion with others, empathy or inclusive thinking.
Social memory complex Ra uses this term in his artificial terminology as the plural form for a whole group of ‘mind/body/spirit’ entities.
Sound complex In the wordings of Ra ‘vibratory sound complexes’ mean ‘names’ or ‘words’.
Pre-destination The concept of the pre-destination is also an example of such artificial church dogma, which stand far beyond my reality. We live our lifes by ourselves in which things happen without God having determined that or sent us as penance.
I do believe, however, that we underestimate which impact our collective and individual behaviour may trigger-off. We invoke with our behaviour, both individually and collectively – things at others.
Sin “Sin” and “original sin” are obsolete, unrealistic and empty terms for me. In my opinion the golden rule “love your neighbor” or in other words “treat others the way you want to be treated yourself” (see also ‘karma’).