Are we our brain?

Brain – Body – Consciousness

The previous pages already elaborated extensively about the gradually ground gaining view, that it becomes ever more difficult for the materialist view  – especially in physics – to neglect the growing quantity of signals from proven facts.  Basically, that dogma states that everything is matter, and besides that there is nothing else. Or, it should be measurable, and observable, and verifiable in repeatable experiments. Thereby it is, however, conveniently forgotten, that thinking from that box, you never can claim anything about the metaphysical domain. It becomes clearer, that looking over the fence to the developments at other scientific areas ‘Science’ should take those facts seriously.

Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner come in their book “Quantum Enigma, Physics Encounters Consciousness” on the relation between Quantum theory and Consciousness to the conclusion, that physics has to accept it due to undeniable facts and applications, even though it can not explain it.

Likewise it is untenable to argue based on solid scientific analysis of our brains, that our consciousness, our mental and spiritual experiences are produced by our brain, or like Dick Swaab states in his book: “We are our Brain – from Whomb to Alzheimer” (Wij zijn ons Brein – van Baarmoeder tot Alzheimer).  That doesn’t mean that our brains don’t have a role in our consciousness, but studies indicate more in the direction of a filtering function between the collective non-local consciousness and our individual organic brain. The more active our brains are, the more they seem to have a filtering impact when receiving the signals from the non-local consciousness.

In that respect the explanation by Arie Bos in the video of his Studium Generale at the Technical University of Delft (unfortunately in Dutch) very much increased my understanding of the structure and functioning of the brain. After previous and more extensive books about the subject the book  “Use your Brains!” (Gebruik je hersens!) was recently published (just in Dutch) after a more expanded version “My brain doesn’t think, I do” (Mijn brein denkt niet, ik wel) from 2015.
In the below 13 chapters he elaborates on various aspects of our brain. And because I considered this book so extraordinary, I also included the final chapter here.

  About this book
1. Your brain doesn’t grow by itself
2. How the brain started
3. Showing around in the human cerebral cortex
4. Mimicing and empathizing
5. Does the free will exist?
6. Self-control
7. Does the brain produce consciousness?
8. Feeling is done with your body
9. Chemistry of feelings
10. Thinking, learning, and doing
11. A twin in our head?
12. Mental diseases or brain diseases?
13. Do you actually need your brains?

Finally, I also read his impressive and clarifying book “Hoe de stof de geest kreeg. De evolutie van het ik” (2008) (English version “Thinking Outside the Brain Box. Why Humans Are Not Biological Computers” of 2017). Because I consider that book so extraordinary, I refer here too to the (unfortunately in Dutch) downloadable Preface of Pim van Lommel. In a thoroughly elaborated way he explains in 4 parts why the non-local consciousness can not be located in the brains and spirit is not produced by matter, but just the other way round, that matter is produced by the spirit:
Part I: The emergence of the human family.
Part II: What is life?
Part III: The evolution of consciousness.
Part IV: The awakening of the spirit.

We are our brain?
Bruce Greyson presented during the Conference ‘Cosmology and Consciousness’ in December 2011 in Dharamsala a clear argumentation in his lecture “Is Consciousness Produced by the Brain?” To me it’s incredible to see how people, who are fond of their intellectual capabilities arrogantly keep to ignore and ridicule just with an appeal on science the growing results of scientific research without seriously trying to learn from that science. This video of roughly one hour and twenty minutes discussion provides a clear answer in my opinion.

The hard problem of Consciousness
At a certain moment Sharon Hewitt Rawlette came to the conclusion, that our consciousness impossibly can be produced by our material brains, and that a fundamental paradigma shift will be necessary to understand what it would mean when consciousness would come first. After struggling with how it was possible at all to have such clear and vibrant experiences from the long period during his coma, while his brains were then severely damaged by that virus, Eben Alexander came to the conclusion, that Consciousness is non-local and always existst. The door to it is, however, just more closed when the brains are working more actively.
After Seth Gillihan encountered that vision he had an interview with Eben Alexander, of which he published a podcast and an article on his site Think, Act, Be. That concerns the content of his article How is Consciousness Related to the Brain?  with a lot of links to other texts and sites, including the accessible podcast , and the initial article  “What if Consciousness Comes First?” of Sharon Hewitt Rawlette.
And in addition to the story of Eben Alexander on the permanent consciousness outside of our brains here still some supporting arguments of still some supporting arguments of Richard Martini.

Two Edgars and the link with Quantum theory
With those two Edgars I mean Edgar Cayce (see elsewhere on this site) through whose ‘readings’ I was to my (and also his own) surprise for the fist time seriously confronted with reincarnation, and Edgar Mitchell, one of the first astronauts who set foot upon the moon in the Apollo program. In an article “Communication with Edgar Cayce fact or fiction?” by his son Hugh Lynn, who after extensively studying those readings by his father commented on on the ‘rather technical aspect’ of it. I  was struck by his explanation of his access during those trance states to information about persons in the so called Akashic records. That insight, added to my knowledge about regression therapy on access to previous lives, as extensively described by Michael Newton in his books on the journey of our soul after dying and between various lives, brought me to his paper Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram” , in which he thoroughly describes how it is possible to get access to the non-local information, that is radiated by each physical entity or object during our 3D existence in electromagnetic form and registrated in a Quantum Hologram, which information later on can be recovered, by which all carried non-local information of its history is accessible again.

Moreover, I refer to four articles (nr 3 and 4 unfortunately in Dutch):
1. “Science, Death, and Consciousness” by Stephan A. Schwarz in EXPLORE (January/February 2016, Vol. 12, No. 1), in which he explains that the paradigm shift is not a question of ‘if’, but rather of ‘how long’ the old physicalist paradigm will hang on with the accruing evidence based on scientific research. Moreover, he elaborates on the impact when it will become generally accepted that consciousness continues, and also existed before our birth.

2. Near-Death Experience, Consciousness, and the Brain – A new concept about the continuity of our consciousness based on recent scientific research on Near-Death Experience in survivors of cardiac arrest by Pim van Lommel in World Futures (2006, 62: 134-151), in which he describes his view on the relationship between the non-local consciousness outside time and space and the sensory wake consiousness link to our brain.

2. “Materialisme en de parapsychologie” by Titus Rivus in the “Magazine for Parapsychology & Consciousness research” (2017 Nr 1) with an overview of the various groups with a view on the relation between consciousness and materialism and the limited possibilities to proof anything on that if at all.

3. “Hoe (on)wetenschappelijk zijn de natuurwetenschappen vandaag?” by Raymond Saerens in “Terugkeer naar het Licht” (1e jaargang, nr 4: winter 2017/2018), a summary of his lecture at the NDE-symposium in Aachen of November 8th, 2017, where he elaborated on the outdated views of physics concerning the primate of consciousness and matter as a derivative thereof based on quantum physics and string theory.