A small cosmology

In the Dutch version of this website I also included the translated text of “Chapter 6 – A Small Kosmology/ Eine Kleine Kosmologie” from A Wanderer’s Handbook” by Carla Rueckert from 2001. But since the complete English version of that book is also available here, and that chapter can thus directly be read there, I didn’t do that on this English version of the website. I hesitated though whether I should include that text, because it may look somewhat woolly for people who don’t know its background and may not really be interested in that. Moreover, because it is rather difficult readable due to the sometimes rather artificial language of the sources Ra and Q’uo in the sessions of Don Elkins as questioners, Carla Rueckert as medium and Jim MacCarty. In that chapter she tries to elaborate on the evolution of our soul (our higher self) in a coherent, walking text during the transition from 3rd to 4th density. She refers there also to the ideas of Larson.

I consider that text also valuable, because:

  • that text refers to the views of Dewey B. Larson, on which is elaborated under the sub-button ‘Physics’. That vision presents a view on the relation on the relation of matter and space in the physical world of ‘space/time’ (the world of the physical science) next to the metaphysical world of ‘time/space’ (which the physical science denies to exist). It is a question to what extent the Quantum physics and string theory may be able to bridge this gap, which I do follow with interest.
  • the text also provides a coherent elaboration with many references to the transcriptions on the concept of the seven densities and the transgression of our earth from its current third density toward the 4th density with specific characteristics for the development of our soul (our higher self/ our deeper self). It is the big challenge during the phase of our development during our incarnation experiences on earth in the 3rd density of learning to realize, that it concerns the choice with our free will for ‘service-to-others’ instead of ‘service-to-self’. Basically that is what has been formulated in the Golden Rule, the great command of love, but also in the Charter for Compassion.

Also because I highly estimate the integrity of Carla Rueckert (and Don Elkins and Jim MacCarty), I left my hesitations, even though I know a lot of baloney is presented in the world of mediums and many will thus quickly push aside such story as falling in that category.